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A B O UT   T H E   B R A N D



Toni + Chloë Goutal is a fine jewelry company based in New York City.  Specializing in Edwardian and Victorian crescents and stars, the collection is inspired by the mother and daughter’s shared passion for antique jewelry and celestial motifs.

With an expertise for sourcing the world’s most coveted Victorian jewelry, Toni and Chloë’s first collection of necklaces features stars and crescents in precious gemstones such as diamonds, opals, emeralds, and rubies set against handcrafted Victorian gold chains.  Each titled with historical names from the 19th-century, Toni and Chloë approach each piece with a design sensibility grounded in both history and beauty — an approach that marries the historical significance of each piece with an intuitive understanding of fine jewelry for the modern woman.